David Crenshaw, CPA, JD

Chief Financial Officer & Corporate Secretary

David Crenshaw serves as the Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary of Confirmation. A mergers and acquisitions attorney and certified public accountant by training, David oversees the accounting, finance, and legal divisions of the company.

Prior to joining Confirmation, David practiced corporate law at Nashville-based Sherrard Roe Voigt & Harbison, PLC, specializing in complex acquisitions, equity and debt financings, securities law, and corporate governance matters. 他經常代表各創業投資及私人股票客戶,處理各種業務交易、投資策略、合資企業及其他策略性替代方案等事務。

在執業律師前,David在Ernst & Young, LLP擔任註冊會計師,為總部設在田納西州內部和中部的財星500大客戶,執行審計及交易諮詢服務。

David擁有范德堡大學(Vanderbilt University)的法律博士及田納西大學的會計碩士學位。