Receives 2013 Tax & Accounting Innovation Award Honorable Mention


NASHVILLE, TN – June 6, 2013 – At the 2013 Tax & Accounting Innovation Awards ceremony,, the creator and world’s leading provider of secure audit confirmation services, received an honorable mention for its new AR/AP Confirmation service.  

Up until now, auditors created accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) confirmation requests using some type of mail merge functionality and sent those out to responding entities by mail, email or some other delivery method with little or no ability to track responses or monitor for fraud. The AR/AP Confirmation service, the first of its kind, allows auditors to use one online tool to send and receive both electronic and mailed audit confirmations.  

"This new service allows auditors to send AR/AP confirmations to more than 1,000 validated companies, and a majority of these are Fortune 1,000 companies," said Clark Hudgins, vice president of "The biggest time-saving feature is the ability to easily upload thousands of company addresses and invoice data from a spreadsheet. Our service then identifies which of the companies are validated responders in our system and allows the auditor to send audit confirmations electronically to the responding entities. Additionally, companies that are not validated in our system, the auditor can use our Out-of-Network service to send requests electronically or mail them using our Paper Fulfillment service."

"Given the difficulties auditors experience trying to get AR/AP confirmation responses, this new product offering was created specifically to transform the outdated mail-merge process into a much more efficient one," said  Chris Schellhorn, CEO of "We are extremely honored to be recognized for our contribution in developing an innovative service for the accounting profession."

The Innovation Awards are sponsored by CPA Practice Advisor and honor new or recently enhanced technologies that benefit tax and accounting professionals and their clients through improved workflow, increased accessibility, enhanced collaboration or other means.

" revolutionized and streamlined the confirmation process when it comes to secure and reliable financial account verification," said Isaac M. O'Bannon, editor of CPA Practice Advisor. "We have recognized the addition of AR and AP confirmations during the

2013 Innovation Awards because this feature has greatly added to’s value to auditors and investors, providing greater assurance in the validity of receivables and payables, while also dramatically increasing the speed with which audits can be completed.”

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